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April 13, 2013
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Blue the Blue Tiger by AhO4464 Blue the Blue Tiger by AhO4464
Blue is a blue or maltese tiger cub that is about the same age as the ponies. He came to Ponyville to explore and get to know the kingdom, but not without getting a few cuddles from the local ponies. He now currently lives in Ponyville in a den near Fluttershy’s cottage, but remembers to visit his parents or keep in contact with Felitropolis via Portal Cam. He has a crush on Applebloom and is in a relationship with her, and was welcomed as an honorary apple by Applejack and the rest of the Apple Family. His voice and singing voice is provided by Elizabeth Daily.


Blue is a curious, naïve but sensible little tiger that likes to help out others in need no matter how old they are. His head is full of creative ideas, which is another reason He proves to be great company to the others, including Spike.
Even though he is usually nice, he has a short temper and will lash out at others who bully him or make fun of his friends, like when Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon make fun of the CMC.


Being a cub, Blue is about the same height as Spike as well as the cutie mark crusaders. Like his name presents, he has blue fur covered in dark blue stripes as well as a light blue muzzle that spreads to his cheek fur. He even has a light blue underbelly, paws and the area oh his tail before the tail tip.

The back of his ears are dark-cougar blue with white ocelli and he has a pink nose with a brown marking covering the top of his muzzle. He even has green eyes with pupils that has the same design as Shining Armor and Ralph.


Despite his young age, Blue is shown to be good at fighting, and uses his small size and swiftness to evade his opponent’s attacks.

Blue is seen to be good with arts and crafts, and is good at making sculptures with his paws out of many things like barrels, boxes, rocks, glue, and even food and who knows what he'll think of next?


Twilight Sparkle – Twilight treats Blue like a little brother in a similar way to Spike and even allows him to help her out in her studies.

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna – Both princesses often give advice and show they’re wisdom and in return he often sends them gifts and visits their castle.

Fluttershy – Fluttershy adores Blue and treats him as if she were her own son, probably due to his childlike nature, his admiration towards her and him being cute in appearance. She spends most of her time with Blue when she’s not musy caring for her critters.

Angel – Despite his normally grouchy nature, he seems to have a soft spot for Blue and even looks out for him.

Rainbow Dash – Blue sees Rainbow Dash as his role model and at the same time, the tomboy Pegasus admires the cub for his rough side.

Applejack – At first Applejack freaked out when she found out that Blue liked her little sister, but then began to adjust to the new odd couple after a bit of convincing from Drake, Ralph and her family. She is really friendly towards the little blue feline and is always happy to help him out.

Pinkie Pie – They seem to be good friends with each other, but is often freaked out by her hyper activeness and often describes the party pony as crazy and deranged behind her back.

Rarity – Rarity is affectionate towards Blue like many of the characters are and often baby talks with the cub, and Blue doesn’t mind unless she goes overboard.

Opalescence – Opal used to try and attack Blue once, but later kept her distance since the cub was able to easily overcome her if she attempted it. She eventually befriends him when he saved her from the Diamond Dogs.

Spike – Blue and Spike are like best friends and siblings, since they’re the same age. They often hang out with each other and give each other dating tips.

Ralph and Drake – The older carnivores look out for the tiger cub and take the role of Fluttershy when she’s not around. Blue doesn’t mind their company and often asks them if he needs help.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders – Even though Blue isn’t a pony, he is nonetheless welcomed to their group and later became the Cutie Mark Crusader’s handy or “pawey” helper.
Blue has a crush on Applebloom ever since he saw her, and she even returns the feelings. They are currently dating.

Scootaloo thinks Blue is a radical little tiger because of his fighting spirit and defending her from the bullies and he often responds with either a blush or a modest remark.
Sweetie Belle also thinks that Blue is a real cutie like her older sister, and wonders if there are more cubs like him in Felitropolis.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon – They can be insulting and outspoken to the tiger (like they are with the CMC). Blue is often disgusted by their constant nagging, but when they go as far as to make fun of his crush, he often snaps and growls, pounces and pummels the two annoying fillies to the ground. If he doesn’t feel like rough housing, he could always growl or yell at them.

Despite many of the felines of Felitropolis having fictional coat colors, Blue’s coat and species is actually a real-life coloration morph of maltese tigers that were reported in the Fujian Province of China.

Blue is voiced by Elizabeth Daily, who voiced Rudy Tabootie from Chalkzone, Tommy Pickles from Rugrats and All Grown Up! and Bagheera from Jungle Cubs.

Since he has crush on Applebloom, Blue and Applebloom are the third interspecies crush in the series. The second and first being Ralph and Twilight and Spike and Rarity. They could be many more to come.

I did not base off Blue from my Sonic the Cat OC Kani, Blue was drawn many years before Kani even came to my head.
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