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June 11, 2013
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Tasha the Leopardess by AhO4464 Tasha the Leopardess by AhO4464
Tasha is an African leopardess that had a crush on Drake ever since they were cubs and then began dating as eh got older while they were still residing in Felitropolis but then moved in with her tomfriend to Ponyville where they met the rest of the friends. She is voiced by Jennifer Lopez.


Tasha is a spunky, sarcastic, witty and street-smart leopardess that likes to hang out with her melanistic tomfriend Drake. She is shown to be a bit immature and has a bit of a short-temper but is rarely showed unless provoked and does not take kindly to females that insult her pride. Drake is well aware of that and tried to help out the best way he could and she thinks it's sweet of him.

Tasha is mostly shown to be loyal, caring and friendly and even has a soft spot for young kids and shares a strong belief with Drake that she will be an awesome mother if they ever get married and get cubs of their own.

She even has a feminine touch, but is in no ways snobbish and sophisticated like Rarity.


Tasha is a sandy brown leopardess with a lighter underbelly, muzzle and the areas between her black roseattes. Her eye design is slightly based off of Cadence's but her pupils are based off of Spike similiar to her tomfriend.

Her inner ears are white while the back of her ears are black with white ocelli. The area on her tail between the black tail tip and stripe is also white, similar to actual leopards and other big cats and felines.

She is described by Drake as a"Ferrari with spots, paws, teeth, claws and curves".


Like her tomfriend, Tasha is fast, agile and strong and can not be easily attacked by her opponents.
She sometimes practices her moves with Drake and sometimes she helps him out in return. Though not as strong as her tomfriend, she is still described by Drake as a reliable teammate as well as the best mollyfriend he's ever had.

As for her regular abilities, she is a great strategist and besides Twilight and like Rarity she has some fashion sense in her.


Twilight Sparkle - Tasha and Twilight are good friends and she likes to show Twilight what it's like to be a street smart chick. But sometimes thinks that Twilight is an egghead but unlike Rainbow Dash, she says it behind her back to be polite

Princess Celestia - Sometimes Tasha feels like a cub with Celestia because of her motherly figure. At first she was embarrassed by that feeling until Drake told her that he felt the same way during the alicorn's presence.

Princess Luna - Though at first she doesn't consider Tasha as a creature of the night, she later began to admire the young leopardess for her head strong nature and they sometimes sit down and have "royal girl talks" during visits to Canterlot Castle.

Fluttershy - Tasha has a soft spot for Fluttershy and treats her like her own cub and vice versa for her. She is often protective of her like when she nearly twisted Gilda's head for roaring at her again.

Angel - Angel and Tasha have somewhat of a love hate relationship. But The rowdy rabbit knows better than to mess with this leopardess because she knows how to put him in his place.

Rainbow Dash and Applejack - Tasha gets along very well with the two headstrong ponies and usually sticks with them when she's not in a feminine mood or when she's not with Drake.

Pinkie Pie - Like her boyfriend Drake, she is usually patient around Apinkie Pie but sometimes she loses her he'd with the party crazy mare.

Rarity - Due to her feminine touch, she gets along well with Rarity and often helps her in her dressmaking. But they often start bickering when they can't agree in their fashion choices or when Tasha gets tired of Rarity obsessing over every detail.

Opalescence - Tasha is often suspicious of the Persian, due to her seductive actions with her tomfriend Drake.

Drake - The two leopards are undoubtedly in love with each other and are dating for now. The pair spend most of their time teaching each other fighting moves, cuddling, nuzzling, discussing about daring spots and other things a feline couple would do.

Drake does sometimes get overwhelmed by her "obsessive mother syndromes" though.

Ralph - Tasha sees Ralph as a little brother like her tomfriend. But since she's a female, she shows more affection and maternal instinct towards the younger wolf.

Blue and the Cutie Mark Crusaders - Since Tasha dreams of mothering cubs with Drake, she likes to start out with three fillies and a young blue tiger cub. but she keeps her maternal instincts at an okay level, since she doesn't want her "practice dummies" to be scared away from Drake and herself.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon - Though Tasha has nothing against the two snobbish fillies, she sometimes threatens them in an unusually calm voice when they bully Blue, Randy or the Crusaders.

Shining Armor and Princess Cadence - Tasha and Drake sometimes hang out with the married couple so that they could have a future view of their own marriage or to just hang out like a couple's club.


- Tasha is voiced by Jennifer Lopez who also voiced Shira from Ice Age 4, which is ironic because Drake's voice actor Denis Keary also voiced Shira's mate Diego who is from the same movie.

- Tasha is the first talking female feline to appear in the series.
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